Saturday, 31 January 2015

The epic reads book tag

Hello everyone!
Today I decided to do the epic reads book tag. I have seen it recently around youtube and instagram so i thought why not.
First question is: If you could invite one author and a character from their book for a cup of tea who would you invite and what would you serve them?
I'd definitely invite Cassandra Clare and Clary from Cassandra's Mortal instruments series and I am going to serve them little sandwiches and biscuits along with the tea.
Second question is: What book you think the author should write a prequel for and what would the story line be?
This is definitely a hard one but maybe the Precious stones trilogy because i want to know more about Gwen's life before she found out that she can travel back in time. Or maybe the Daughter of smoke and bone trilogy. I am not really sure.
Third one is: What two characters that are not from the same book would make a good couple?
I don't know. I really can't choose. Maybe Noah Shaw from the Mara Dyer trilogy and Cath from Fangirl because they both love to read and are very good people. I don't know, don't judge me!
Next one: If you ran to your favourite author on the subway and you can say only one sentence to them who is it and what would you say?
I think it'd be Rick Riordan and I'd thank him about all the adventures he took me to while i read his books.
Five: What was the book that made you a reader and why?
I'd probably pick a very obvious one, Harry Potter, but it was the series that made me love books. Also The Hunger Games.
Six: Your bookshelf's on fire. Which book'd you save?
What? I don't know. I love all my books! Maybe City of ashes because it's the only Mortal instruments book i own and i love this series so so much. But I can't really choose. Or it'd be Anna and the French kiss because it's the one book i can read every day on not get tired of.
Seven: Which dystopian world would you live in?
The Selection maybe now that America and Maxon are rulers and probably made their country a better one to live in then it was before? I don't know!
Eight: What's your most epic read of all time?
What are those questions? I can't choose one. But i have to, though sooooo Throne of glass maybe or The fifth wave.
Nine: Tag someone to do this.
I can not do that because i don't know any other bloggers. But if you are reading this and you want to do it, than go for it!:)
Ten: Do a book shimmy.
And i obviously can't do that. I am sorry this tag was made for youtube. Bu hey, whatever.
So that was it for today.
PS if you do this tag, please leave a comment so i could read your choices.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My favourite series

Today I'm going to share with you my fave book series.
And make a little review after each one:)
First and pretty obvious is the Harry Potter series by J K Rowling and If you don't know what it's about, then there's something seriously wrong with you.
Second place takes the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series/The heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. The first series is about this kid named Percy who finds out that he's a demigod(half human half god) and goes to a camp for kids like him, finds some friends and they all go on different adventures. The Heroes of Olympus follows Percy when's grown up(16) and some more demigods and their storylines. Again-many adventures, but both really funny.
Third place goes too... The precious stones trilogy by Kerstin Gier. Its about this girl named Gwen in who's family there is like time travel gene. And everybody seems to think that Gwen's reaaaaly annoying cousin got the gene but no-they're all very wrong. Guess why? Because Gwen got it. But she's not trained to travel through time and she starts to learn how to dance, to fence and etc. Of course there's a romance and evil powers so I recommend this to literally everyone.
Number four. This is a hard one because I don't know what to choose. But I'm gonna go with The mortal instruments series. I love love love them so much.  I can't actually review it without spoiling anything so I'll just say that the story is VERY complicated, the characters are amazing, the romance(actually a bunch of romances) is so wanderful. Read it!
My fifth top favourite series has to be The selection series by Kiera Cass. Its beautifully written, great love triangle, great point of view. I love how America(the female protagonist)sees the world that's surrounding her though she's the queen of bad decisions.
Next- the Finding Sky trilogy by Joss Stirling. Every book is told from a different girl's point of view and it's a different love story about kids with special powers called savants and they have their soulmate somewhere in the world. All three girl's soulmates are brothers from one big family. Maybe you haven't heard about this book series because it's not very popular but I think it's really great.
And last, the Hunger games trilogy by Susanne Colins which I'm sure you've heard of.
So those are my fave series. Maybe you're wandering why I haven't wrote about the Infernal devices(because I have one book left to read) or Divergent(because I like it but it's not in my favorites) or some other famous series. Well either I haven't read them or I don't like them that much. Soooo yeah, hope you enjoyed today's post.
PS  Oh my God i totally forgot about the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer trilogy my Michelle Hodkin which has to take fifth place. It's kind of spooky and mysterious but still SO GOOD!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Lola and the boy next door by Stephanie Perkins- book review

Hello there!
Today i am doing a review on Lola and the boy next door, again by Stephanie Perkins(not a surprise there).
That'd be a spoiler free review, so go on.
This books tells us the story of Lola, one super weird(but in a good way) girl. Like let's start with the fact that she wears wigs, strange clothes and wants to go dressed-up like Marie Antoinette to the ball. 
Basically the idea of the book is that she had a HUGE crush on that boy, but something bad happened and everything went down. Then, a year later she's hooked up with this...thing, named Max who's a member of a rock band, is tattooed and smokes. I think you got the idea. But then the first boy, named Cricket, comes back with his twin sister, they are the Bell twins, and everything changes.
Let me tell you that this book is not cheesy, neither stupid or anything. I mean i get the idea that the name of the book and the old covers(you know what i am talking about if you have seen them) gives the wrong impression, but still.
The story is so much more than some stupid teen romance. It shows us the importance of friendship, we get to see Anna and Ettiene from Anna and the french kiss and where else will you read about a girl that named her dog Heavens to Betsy?
So if you are looking for a fun and quick read that is still very interesting with some unique characters or you are in a reading slump, or you just don't know what to read, i recommend this novel. 
Good night!
PS the collage is from tumblr:)

Monday, 26 January 2015

My 2015 TBR

Hi there!
Today i am going to show you my TBR list for this year so far. Probably other books will show up until the end of the year or i won't read all the books on my pile, but i hope that at the end of this year i'll end up with more read books than in 2014(48)
And i want to say that they're in no particular order, i'll read them when i feel like it. So let's start.
1-To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee
2-Crown of midnight and Heir of fire by Sarah J Maas
3- Clockwork princess by Casandra Clair
4-Sense and sensibility by Jane Austen
5-The vampire academy series by Richelle Mead
6-The raven boys by Maggie Stiefvater
7-My life next door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
8-Shatter me by Tahere  Mafi
9-The rest of The Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout
10-My true love gave to me by everyone
11-Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor
12-Isla and the happily ever after my Stephanie Perkins(i love this women so much)
13-Misty falls by Joss Stirling
14-Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
15-Since you've been gone by Morgan Matson
And a bunch of others. I probably won't read them all though i will try to. And don't judge me that i haven't read some of them yet. Here, in Bulgaria, they don't adapt some of the coolest books outh there and i can't always download them on my tablet. So i think you got the idea. See you next time.
PS is anyone reading or like enjoying my blog? Seriously.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I've just finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and it's just so GOOD I can't describe it properly. But now I'm going to try.
So first a quick non-spoilery review. This awesome book that I love so much basically tells us the story of Cath, a (fan)girl who writes fanfiction and it's very attached to it. So she's in college with her twin sister who wants some space and parties every night etc, and Cath has a roommate who is very mean to her and has like five different boyfriends. But this roommate turns out not that bad and her best (boy)friend ,who's hanging with her all the time, is falling for Cath. And there we have one great romance, fun story, very good characters that we can relate to and the story's really quick and good to read.
No, if you haven't read it LEAVE! NOW!
And hello to all of you who've read this unique book.
I want to say that I find the whole idea of it very good. Like, there's a character for anyone. And all the situations and Cath's problems and struggles are something you've dialed with or you're going to.
I really like Levi. He's the perfect boyfriend for a fangirl because he will listen and comfort you. And he's always cheerful and cute and funny. Besides I imagine him very attractive. But anyways, don't you agree?
Another thing I enjoyed was the relationship between Reagan and Cath. In the beggining they don't like each other very much but through the book they become very very good friends. I love their friendship honestly.
And there comes Wren. I like her. She's a very strong character. She's with Cath and even when they don't talk to each other it feels like she's with her still. And my favourite moment was in the bookstore when they cried together over the last book. Because it think that besides that this was the last Simon Snow book, it meant the end of all their fan fiction writing together and apart. I thought that they like felt sentimental over all the good moments they had.
I don't have any negative things to say. Let me know your opinion down below.
PS that pic was in tumblr

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Book review- Throne of glass by Sarah J. Maas

Hello, people!
Today we're gonna talk about some kick-ass assassin named Selena Sardothien.
Basically the book's about Selena training to be the king's assassin along with some other thieves, serial killers and assassins. But there's more, much more, because a love triangle is formed and there are creatures and magical stuff going on. I actually can't do a longer review without spoiling anything but if you've read this book, then you can continue reading, and if you haven't, then LEAVE!!!

So hello to all of you that have read and (hopefully) loved this book. First things first. I want to say that i am team Dorian and i don't think that'll change so leave in the comments below are you team Dorian or team Chaol:)
The thing going on with the king, i hate him, is really weird. It's so annoying that no one can use magic but him. And the way he acts with Dorian I personally find awful. I don't know, maybe kings have to act this way with their kids(especially sons?).
And there's the thing with that girl, oh i can't remember her name right now. But you know, the one that wanted to be Dorian's wife. I actually feel sorry for her because she just wanted happiness.
But anyway lets talk about Selena and how strong of a character she is. I really love her and her point of view was one of my favourites. For a protagonist she was very, how do i say it, clever maybe, i don't know. I mean most of the girl protagonist just act stupid through the whole book. But she doesn't. She goes there, kicks ass and  acts awesome.
So that was my incredibly boring review on Throne of glass. Tell me your opinion on the book down below. I still think no one's reading this blog but still. If anyone's reading this, pleaaaaaaase let me know.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Book talk #3- Obsidian by J. L. Armentrout

Hello book lovers!
Today we're discussing Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout.
So basically the story's about aliens who are living in our world after their planet exploded or something. And all of them are super hot. And Katy, the protagonist, moves to this town that's full of aliens and she becomes best friends with the girl next door, who's an alien too. And then there's her brother who is like extremely attractive and is a jerk but you know it's always like that so it's fine. Then a bunch of stuff happens and evil powers are included.
And that's all you have to know in general. But WARNING! if you don't have at least three hours to read don't start it because I couldn't put it down. And be prepared for a journey full of sassy-hot-fun-weird characters. Have I said sassy?
And now get out if you haven't read it. Get out!!!
First of all I wanted to ask am I the only one who thinks Katy acts super dumb in general. I mean I can totally relate to her but why does she stands there like a person without no brain wherever Daemon says something dumb? You can show him girl, do it! But why bother when she can just stare blankly until he's gone?
But I liked the spaghetti scene. Like now I can understand Ash but then I thought she totally deserved what she got.
Another thing I really enjoyed  is Katy and Dee's friendship. They can always trust one another, and even though Daemon is her brother, Dee will always be there for Katy.
And of course the book-nerdy thing going on. Can I say that this part amazed me. I mean not a lot of authors write how their protagonists are book geeks and write blogs and make vlogs. That was pretty awesome.
And last but not least- the relationship between Katy and Daemon. Now that's something to discuss. I honestly don't know what to say. I like them as a couple(very much though) but why do they need to play all along the book and then at the end Katy is  just like no, I'm not gonna be with you. Come on, he suggested to try, he said what he felt and she's like uhhh how bout no? Stupid! is what she is.
But anyway I reaaaly enjoyed this book and I'm reading the other one currently so yeah, look forward to a review on it:)

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Book talk #2- Anna and the French kiss- Stephanie Perkins

                                       SPOILER FREE REVIEW
Hi book maniacs!
Today we're discussing Anna and the French kiss by Stephanie Perkins. I though some contemporary would be good after my previous reviews. So if you're having a brake-up with a book, you want to get out of the fantasy world for a little bit, you don't know  what to read or you're just looking for a good romance novel full of fun and cuteness and adorableness, than that's the right book.
So let me fill ya in. Maybe many of you have read it and you probably know you can't get tired of that author's novels. They're just good. Even though some find this particular novel cheesy, let me tell you that IT'S NOT.
It's about this girl named Anna who is forced by her dad to go to school in Paris for her senior year. There she meets some great people who easily become her friends. And she falls in love with the boy that everybody likes and who's perfect.
But actually there's so much more to the story like how important friendship and family are and it's very accurate with the some real issues people deal with. And eventually you find yourself attached to all those characters and you start getting to know them and you feel them. Besides, the way the author writes and describes different situations and places, you feel like you're there which is actually very awesome.
So I highly recommend this to any of you who are looking for a fun and quick read which is not cheesy and involves some accurate issues.
So, that's it:)

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello, bookaholics!
Happy New Year from me! May 2015 be full of happy moments, good times and may only wonderful things happen to you. And of course more books! Which are your goals for the new year? Which books do you want to read? Tell me down below in the comments!

So I saw this idea and thought I'd  share it with you.
I am going to write down on a piece of paper every book I read and put it in a jar. Then at the and of the year I'm going to count how many books I've read.
My goal is 60.
Let me know if you like the idea and how many books are you planning on reading.