Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Summer camp and a bunch of photos

So, here I am again with yet another post. It's weird how fast time passes and suddenly it turns out I haven't posted in more than a month(oops!). Today's post is going to be all about memories.

Last week I went to summer camp for children with diabetes. Usually me and three other friends go as a group, but of course we meet other kids from all over the country. This year was no exception to the rule. We got to spend time with some old friends, we made new ones and per usual, we had a blast.

This year, the camp took place in the central Balkan where there isn't much to do except for walking the hills or watching the sunset(we did both, of course). There was a lot of delicious food, too. We met some great people, as i already mentioned, and took a lot of photos. And that's why this post is going to be mainly composed of pictures.

The first day, we had a little sesh on the balcony, as it was too cold and rainy to go outside.

We were walking through a cloud for a while.
That's one of the many photos of the sunset that we got to take.
 There were many beautiful views of the mountains, too.
Here is the Troyan monastery.
And to finish it all up, that is an awkward picture of our group of friends.