Sunday, 31 December 2017

To all my friends

As i look back on my 2017 I can only say that it's been a rough one. A lot of my friends and loved ones will agree with me on this, simply because this year sucked. Although i can't say only bad things happened the past 364 days, i can assure you that i am hoping for a much much better 2018.

Let's start from the beginning. The first two months of the year were pretty okay. I got to know one of my dearest friends with whom i have been on bad terms since the day we met. Also, i learned a lot about photography and took many great pictures.
After that, though, i went trough an emotional roller coaster, which was not fun while it was happening but i really got to grow as a person. As cheesy as it sounds, 2017 made me learn a lot about myself. Which is good considering how little i knew about personal growth and the process of coming in terms with yourself before that.

In 2017 i should have done a lot of things differently- for example been a better friend. But the thing is, when you are going through something major yourself, when you are trying to find your voice, when you are drowning in an ocean of thousand different emotions you tend to forget how to be there for the people that need you the most.
I am aware that almost everyone around me was dealing with big emotional issues themselves and that's why i believe that every one of us got to grow as a person, even if it was just a little bit. There were fights between friends, there was drama, there was uncertainty. But we survived and i know that 2018 will be better for us all.
My main goals for next year are to stop being hateful and to start thinking more about my personal happiness. I want to find new passions, new happy places, travel more if i get the chance.

So, to finish off my rambling, i want to say thank you to my best friend- i know i haven't been easy to deal with. We will rock the shit out of 2018!
To all of my closest friends- i believe in you, people! Do the best you can and do not judge yourselves all of the time because you really are doing great.

I know this post is a bit different but i want to wish you all a marvelous 2018!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

My Colleen Hoover issue

Most of my friends know that I used to very much dislike Colleen Hoover's books. I never really made it through "Slammed" nor through "Maybe someday" and so I used to think that her novels won't ever really work out for me.

But, as many of you probably have noticed, the book community is always raving about how good her work is, how it hits people hard in the feelings and how it moves them so deeply. I did not think that something will make me pick up another book of hers in the near future, but as it turns out, about a month or so ago, I did.

Now, I do not declare her my all time favourite author or something, but I have been devouring her novels like crazy lately. It all started on a hot summer night. I have to have something to read before I go to bed, or else i can not fall asleep easily. So, as I wandered trough my e-book collection, my eyes darted to "It ends with us". I don't really know what made me pick up the book, but once I started reading it, i could not stop. One minute something typically romantic is happening, and the next one i don't know what to wish for, who to root for or what to do with my life.

My friends, knowing what kind of person I am, are usually hard to believe that my favourite genres are YA and NA, and that I don't watch anything short form a rom-com. So it appeared really strange to all my fellow bookworms that i do not indeed enjoy Hoover's books. Or, rather, used not to enjoy them. Now, i can very happily call myself a Colleen Hoover lover, even though I have yet to finish both "Slammed" and "Maybe someday".For now, my favourite one is "Ugly love" which used to look so unappealing to me. It dragged me down the rabbit hole of sappy feelings and i do not regret one minute of it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment your opinions below!

Monday, 21 August 2017

My favourite booktubers

I discovered the magical place called "booktube" when I was on winter break in seventh grade. That is two years and a half ago, and i have not stopped watching and re-watching reviews, tags and challenges. And since i love this part of YouTube so much, i decided that i need to share with you some of my all-time favourite vloggers.

I think it's only fair that i begin with Polandbananasbooks a.k.a Christine Riccio. Her videos were the fisrt ones i started binge-watchig, i just honestly couldn't have enough. I really love her take on things- it really is unique and different: the way she films everything, the way her make-up always matches the theme of her video. At first I found her a bit bizzare, but i got used to that pretty easily, seeing how awesome she actually is.

Next on the line is Sasha Alsberg. I knew i loved her from the very start. I think what got me hooked with her were her favorites videos. I really enjoy the way she explains things and gets in depth, and her bookshelves were also so impressive to me. She had those big shelves full of books that really seemed endless and i remember wandering if i'll ever have that many tomes in my own home library some day.

The third booktuber that i am going to talk about is Peruseproject also known as Regan. I really love her old videos and most enjoy watching not her reviews but rather her tags and comparisons. I think she has a really good perspective and analyses things very well, somehow managing to not be boring. 

So, that post was a rather short one but i really enjoyed writing it. 

Share some of your favourite people on YouTube below!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Top five TV series: 2017 edition

I feel like this year I haven't watched that many TV shows, mainly because I had a lot of school work. But there's also the fact that I am very picky when it comes to movies and series, so I have not given a lot of new shows a chance. So I decided to list my top five for this year, hoping to give you some ideas.

5- Stranger things- I absolutely loved the ambiance of this show, the characters were all fantastically done and the storyline itself was very captivating. It was a little scary at some points, but that was mainly because of the atmosphere. Also, i really loved that the main characters were mostly kids. One thing I found annoying, though, was Eleven. I know everybody loves her, but for me her character was rather irritating.

4- Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life- I was so excited for this to come out and I am so extremely happy that it exists. I tried watching it an episode a day, but I just couldn't- i ate it all at once. It gave me all the happy and gushy feelings and it was an absolute joy devouring it. The one thing I did not completely understand was the ending of it. I do not want to spoil anything, but if you know what I am talking about, comment your thoughts below.

3- The bold type- this new show has only six episodes so far but i am completely in love with it. It is relatable, amusing, swoon-worthy and really inspiring. I recommend waiting for the whole first season to come out so you can binge-watch it.

2- Riverdale- I think this comes as no surprise. This show has been talked about on every social media possible. Its storyline keeps you guessing, the actors play their roles so well, the romance is good, there are, once again, swoon-worthy moments and the characters themselves are very well written. Also the soundtrack IS SO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!!!

1-SKAM- this Norwegian TV show crashed my soul to peaces. I can not describe my love for it, because it is eternal. The characters are diverse, it takes a look on the very scary world we are living in today, the problems we, as people of the 21st century, are facing. It is charming and funny, romantic, bold and so well done. Again, the soundtrack is amazing and I think this is the one show i can recommend to anyone without hesitation.

I hope i was somewhat helpful and that this post gave you ideas for what to watch next.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Summer camp and a bunch of photos

So, here I am again with yet another post. It's weird how fast time passes and suddenly it turns out I haven't posted in more than a month(oops!). Today's post is going to be all about memories.

Last week I went to summer camp for children with diabetes. Usually me and three other friends go as a group, but of course we meet other kids from all over the country. This year was no exception to the rule. We got to spend time with some old friends, we made new ones and per usual, we had a blast.

This year, the camp took place in the central Balkan where there isn't much to do except for walking the hills or watching the sunset(we did both, of course). There was a lot of delicious food, too. We met some great people, as i already mentioned, and took a lot of photos. And that's why this post is going to be mainly composed of pictures.

The first day, we had a little sesh on the balcony, as it was too cold and rainy to go outside.

We were walking through a cloud for a while.
That's one of the many photos of the sunset that we got to take.
 There were many beautiful views of the mountains, too.
Here is the Troyan monastery.
And to finish it all up, that is an awkward picture of our group of friends.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Mid-year favourites

Вече сме средата на 2017-та, която мина толкова бързо. Не знам за вас, но лично аз изобщо не усетих как половин година направо се изпари. За щастие, въпреки че нямах време да чета много през последните месеци, попаднах на няколко забележителни книги.

Always and forever Lara Jean е първият роман, който ми направи впечатление. Тъй като в трилогията първоначално трябваше да има само две книги(нали?), навлязох в тази с доста занижени очаквания. За щастие, и имам чувството, че повтарям това във всеки един пост, отново бях опровергана. Хареса ми, че беше дълбоко засегната темата за избор на подходящ колеж, а също и задълбочаването във връзката на Лара Джийн с Питър. Отново не липсваше семейният аспект от историята- прекрасно написан както обикновено.

Следва Milk and honey, на която имам ревю тук. Първата стихосбирка, която прочетох тази година, ми направи наистина силно впечатление и с нетърпение ще чакам още творби на авторката.

The sun is also a star всъщност ми допадна повече от Everything, everything. Никола Юн е една от онези писателки, чиито стил е малко по-различен, малко по-красив. Със сигурност историята хвърли доста светлина върху животът на емигрантите в Америка и като цяло как различните култури се възприемат една-друга. Естествено бях и доста заинтригувана от любовната история на двамата главни герои- силна и изключително добре пресъздадена. 

Lord of shadows е роман, който чакам с натърпение още от излизането на Lady Midnight. Останах едновременно задоволена и с желанеито да ударя нещо. Предполагам тези от вас, запознати с творбите на Касандра Клеър, ме разбират прекрасно. На колкото въпроси получих отговор- двойно повече нови изскочиха. А най-лошото е, че последната част от трилогията излиза през 2019!? 

Надявам се днешната публикация да ви е харесала :) Кои са вашите фаворити за тази година досега?

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Milk and honey от Rupi Kaur

Наскоро осъзнах, че не съм чела толкова много поезия, колкото би ми се искало. Честно казано, влизайки в книжарницата, никога не знам какво да си взема, дали ще ми хареса и дали би си струвало покупката. Затова, до преди месец, най-любимата ми стихосбирка беше "Моторни песни" на Вапцаров. Прочетох я преди две години и от тогава до сега не съм намирала някоя, която да ми допадне до такава степен.

Това беше докато не се захванах с Milk and honey, която напоследък наистина много нашумя. Честно да си призная, не очаквах кой знае какво- поезия като поезия. Но много се радвам, че сгреших. 

Самата книжка е разделена на няколко части: the hurting, the loving, the breaking и the healing, като на мен любима ми е последната. Повечето стихотворения са доста кратички, но пък силно въздействащи. На моменти имах чувството, че получавам прегръдка от самата книга. Много ми допадна фактът, че авторката показва колко трудно, но и красиво е да бъдеш жена, как е важно винаги да обичаш и да вярваш в себе си и че всичко се свежда до това как ние самите се приемаме.

Извадих си много поуки, осъзнах доста неща, разбрах един куп истини и останах силно впечатлена и изумена. 

Надявам се това да не е последната стихосбирка на авторката, която успя да ми въздейства по този начин. Със сигурност има още важни теми, които би могла да засегне и въпроси, по които да се изкаже, а аз с нетърпение ще очаквам следващи произведения.

Дано този пост ви е зарадвал и накарал поне да се замислте върху прочита на тази книжка.  

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Любими книги за 2016-та

Навън се сипе сняг(нещо което трябваше да се случи по Коледа ако ме питате), слънцето залязва, а аз си седя и пиша блогпост. Този всъщност ще включва книги, кой би предположил?

И така, след като го правя всяка година, реших и тази да спазя традицията и да ви кажа кои са моите любимите книги за 2016-та.

Since you've been gone от Morgan Matson не очаквах, че ще ми направи такова добро впечатление. Сладка, лесно се чете, а любимата ми част е списъка с неща, които главната героиня трябва да изпълни.

Следва една история в Wattpad, която споменах в пост в началото на 2016-та- The bad boy stole my bra. Знам, че не звучи като нещо особено впечатляващо, но съм наистина привързана към нея. Използвам момента и да промотирам своя акаун: Cutedisasterr.

Следва Winter на Мариса Мейър. Може би знаете, че не съм голям фен на "Скарлет" и имах малки проблеми в началото на "Крес"(която сега обожавам), но Winter беше едно приключение, към което ще се връщам отново и отново.

Lady Midnight е досега любимата ми книга на Касандра Клеър, измества и "Принцеса с часовников механизъм" и "Град от стъкло". Невероятна, прекрасна, неповторима, брилянтна, страхотно написана.

Не съм сигурна коя обичам повече- The dream thieves или Blue Lily, Lily Blue и затова ще ги оставя и двете тук, не мисля, че е нужно да обяснявам защо присъстват в този списък.

A court of mist and fury лесно се превърна в мой фаворит. Тъй като почти изобщо не харесвам първата книга от трилогията, много се съмнявах дали въобще да започна тази. След това обаче цялото книжно общество започна да обяснява колко всъщност е невероятна и не след дълго аз също се намерих в капана й.

Bitterblue или "Лазурна" на Кристин Кашор е роман, който ме отведе далеч от реалността и ме накара да се смея с глас и да плача едновременно. Цялата трилогия е фантастична, но последната книга със сигурност ме впечатли най-много.

Няма да ви лъжа, изобщо не очаквах нещо особено от The cursed child, но за голямо мое щастие бях опровергана.

Hothouse flower на Krista и Becca Ritchie е моят фаворит от поредицата. На практика, авторките са написали две NA поредици, които се преплитат една с друга и са много забавни за четене, но със сигурност ще ви повлияят силно.

Изобщо не подозирах, че "Дете на пустинята" ще ме държи будна до три часа през нощта. Слава богу, втората книга е три пъти по-дебела от първата и нямам търпение да излезе!

И завършвам поста с Girl online going solo на Zoe Sugg. Харесвам книгите й твърде много, за да е нормално.

Е, това е за днес. Стискайте палци следващият ми пост да е след по-малко от месец!