Sunday, 31 December 2017

To all my friends

As i look back on my 2017 I can only say that it's been a rough one. A lot of my friends and loved ones will agree with me on this, simply because this year sucked. Although i can't say only bad things happened the past 364 days, i can assure you that i am hoping for a much much better 2018.

Let's start from the beginning. The first two months of the year were pretty okay. I got to know one of my dearest friends with whom i have been on bad terms since the day we met. Also, i learned a lot about photography and took many great pictures.
After that, though, i went trough an emotional roller coaster, which was not fun while it was happening but i really got to grow as a person. As cheesy as it sounds, 2017 made me learn a lot about myself. Which is good considering how little i knew about personal growth and the process of coming in terms with yourself before that.

In 2017 i should have done a lot of things differently- for example been a better friend. But the thing is, when you are going through something major yourself, when you are trying to find your voice, when you are drowning in an ocean of thousand different emotions you tend to forget how to be there for the people that need you the most.
I am aware that almost everyone around me was dealing with big emotional issues themselves and that's why i believe that every one of us got to grow as a person, even if it was just a little bit. There were fights between friends, there was drama, there was uncertainty. But we survived and i know that 2018 will be better for us all.
My main goals for next year are to stop being hateful and to start thinking more about my personal happiness. I want to find new passions, new happy places, travel more if i get the chance.

So, to finish off my rambling, i want to say thank you to my best friend- i know i haven't been easy to deal with. We will rock the shit out of 2018!
To all of my closest friends- i believe in you, people! Do the best you can and do not judge yourselves all of the time because you really are doing great.

I know this post is a bit different but i want to wish you all a marvelous 2018!