Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Bye bye, 2018

2018 was one hell of a ride. I had the best times as well as the most stressful of times. I met many new people, got to visit a bunch of new places and improved my photography skills a bit. I read a lot of great books, got to see some great films and even experimented with the content I post here.

So let's start from the beginning. January was a mainly uneventful month, my birthday went pretty well(with the exception of one broken shelf) and I was in a good place.
Then came February with my first serious exam in French. I was so incredibly nervous but, as it turns out, I did do much better than I thought I would.
March was the beginning of everything new and exciting. I traveled to Burgas with my debate club and it was so exhausting and so fun and so enriching.
Then in April and may I met some new people. We became good friends and that helped me grow as a person. I went hiking a few times and it was sooo tiring but so amazing as well.
I got to shoot some very cool pics and had another debate tournament. I had an emotional breakdown but at the same time felt challenged which I actually loved.
June was weird. I got to go to a few parties which was kind of new for me. It was different and freeing as well as a bit lonely at times.
My summer, strangely, felt way more stressful than my second semester in school. July was the month that kind of shattered my mental stability. I had breakdowns, I felt incredibly scared at times. But there were some eye-opening experiences as well. And of course going to camp with my friends. Thanks to my best friend I kept my sanity in place. You rock, dude.
August came and went by so fast. As did September. They were pretty okay months hense the stress(again).
October and November were a bit more dramatic than I would've liked them to be, but I went to Pazardjhik with two of my closest friends and it was a trip well needed. I love you so much, guys.
December was as always the month of anticipation. I was desperate for the holidays to come so I could sleep in and do nothing for a few days.
I had my first cocktail and my first date. It was so worth it.

To finish it all off, I had an amazing but yet very exhausting year. I know a lot of my friends went through difficulties and overcame them or are trying to. You can do it, I know you can. I love and cherish every laugh, every joke, every little moment, shared song, sleepover. To an even better 2019!