Monday, 21 August 2017

My favourite booktubers

I discovered the magical place called "booktube" when I was on winter break in seventh grade. That is two years and a half ago, and i have not stopped watching and re-watching reviews, tags and challenges. And since i love this part of YouTube so much, i decided that i need to share with you some of my all-time favourite vloggers.

I think it's only fair that i begin with Polandbananasbooks a.k.a Christine Riccio. Her videos were the fisrt ones i started binge-watchig, i just honestly couldn't have enough. I really love her take on things- it really is unique and different: the way she films everything, the way her make-up always matches the theme of her video. At first I found her a bit bizzare, but i got used to that pretty easily, seeing how awesome she actually is.

Next on the line is Sasha Alsberg. I knew i loved her from the very start. I think what got me hooked with her were her favorites videos. I really enjoy the way she explains things and gets in depth, and her bookshelves were also so impressive to me. She had those big shelves full of books that really seemed endless and i remember wandering if i'll ever have that many tomes in my own home library some day.

The third booktuber that i am going to talk about is Peruseproject also known as Regan. I really love her old videos and most enjoy watching not her reviews but rather her tags and comparisons. I think she has a really good perspective and analyses things very well, somehow managing to not be boring. 

So, that post was a rather short one but i really enjoyed writing it. 

Share some of your favourite people on YouTube below!