Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Book review #1- The blood of Olympus

Hello, guys!
So I've decided that I'd write about The blood of Olympus, the last Heroes of Olympus book by Rick Riordan.
                                    SPOILER ALERT
So I really enjoyed this book. We had Reyna and Nico's point of view, which was fantastic. I really loved that part but...WHAT THE HECK???
There weren't neither Percy's or Annabeth's chapters. Why? Why? The whole thing started with them and now, what we get? JASON! SERIOUSLY? Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, but please. We watched Percy DYING from someone else's point of view. That's not right!
And why did the huntress of Artemis and the Amazons kidnapped Reyna and Nico? Just to make it more complicated? I don't know what to think. And I was really disappointed when I found out that Reyna won't find love with another demigod. Will she find love with someone else? I want to know that!!!
But what I liked? Honestly MANY things, but let's start with Annabeth and Piper. Their friendship was something I really enjoyed reading about.
It is good for both of them to finally have a girl best friend. But what I don't like is this ignorance of Hazel. Like I had the feeling they totally just ignored her. Well it is true that she prefers Frank's company but still.
Another thing I LOVED was Nico and Reyna's friendship. I thought it was beautiful. They finally find a reliable friend and they don't feel that lonely any more. Because all their lives they lost so much and were feeling betrayed and this friendship was just so BEAUTIFUL!
I was very pleased with this Nico-Will thing because he finally find love, I'm really grateful.
Oh, I almost forgot to discuss this thing with LEO. Oh dear God I love this boy so much I can't even. But in the end...I really wanted to see him return to the camp with Calypso. This thing between them is so...magical. Beside the fact that it was PRETTY OBVIOUS that he wouldn't die, I very much enjoyed his part and all that he did in this book.
Apart from that I'm happy I had the chance to meet again with Thalia, she's a very strong character. I'm not happy we didn't see Percy's mom but its OK.
So that's for today, leave comments about what you think about the book.
PS despite all the negative things I wrote, I loved this book and I give it 5 stars out of 5:)