Friday, 29 April 2016

10 причини да прочетете "Самодива" от Краси Зуркова

So, since my posts in the last year have all been in Bulgarian, I decided I'd be a good idea to write this one in English. I present to you the ten reasons why you must read Krassi Zourkova's novel 'Wildalone'.

10- I very much like the setting in the book. I've always wanted to study abroad one day, and I think I really got the idea of being all by yourself in another country. It could actually be quite scary and it takes time to get used to other culture's understandings.

9- I fell in love with the side characters. One of the things i most look forward to in a story are the sidekicks and I am so happy i didn't get disappointed with those one.

8- The mythology aspect of the story. I found it very intriguing that the author decided to use Bulgarian folklore. And, of course, that it collided so good with the Greek mythology elements.

7- The brothers- Rhys and Jake. I didn't know under what number to put them because my feelings are kind of messed up. I really liked both of them, but I think Jake stood a little bit more up to me. 

6- The protagonist's bravery. Thea was inspiring in so many ways- she decided to go all the way from her own country to America, she had the guts to find out the secrets about her family. I don't know about you, but in her place i'd be way more scared about all the things I am not aware of.

5- The plot. I think the author's ideas were very interesting, and what's more important, really well develloped. Though, i can't tell you more, otherwise i may ruin the pleasure of reading the book.

4- The feeling you get while reading this novel. You want to know everything, but yet again, hope for that mysteriousness to stay with you.

3- The fact that the book was written in Bulgarian and not translated from English really makes me love it even more.

2- Okay, that may sound weird, but just think about how the gorgeous cover will look on your bookshelf.

1- The thing that i liked the most was the writing style, actually. In the beginning it felt a little unusual, but i guess that was what was so special about it.

I suggest you go to the nearest bookstore and purchase this book as soon as you can.
So, that was for today. 

See ya!