Sunday, 1 February 2015

Reading slumps

Today I decided that I'd be good to talk about reading slumps. I've been in a reading slump for the last two weeks maybe and I hate it. Whenever I start a book I just can't read more than fifty pages of it. It's so horrible because there are some great books on my TBR pile that I wanted to read this month and I just couldn't. And that's why I wanted to give you some tips for when you find yourself in a reading slump(because I have had one of those before).

So my first tip is to re-read a favourite book. But not one that requires a lot of thinking or something. Just a fun story that you'd enjoy reading any time.

Another tip: go to a bookstore. And I'm serious. Just let yourself be surrounded by books and the atmosphere of a bookstore. I'd help.

My third tip is not to pressure yourself into reading. You need time. Sometimes three days, sometimes three months but eventually you'd start reading again. 

The last one may seem pretty weird but I'm sure it'd help. Go on tumblr or we heart it or pinterest or wherever you go when you are looking for pics and stuff after you read a book and just browse for one of your fave book fandoms. Something that'd give you a good mood.

So that's it. I hope it was helpful if any of you are in a reading slump like me.

And by the way I wanted to ask you, should I write my posts in Bulgarian because most of you, reading my blog, are from Bulgaria, or should I just continue to write in English. Please let me know down in the comments.