Saturday, 31 January 2015

The epic reads book tag

Hello everyone!
Today I decided to do the epic reads book tag. I have seen it recently around youtube and instagram so i thought why not.
First question is: If you could invite one author and a character from their book for a cup of tea who would you invite and what would you serve them?
I'd definitely invite Cassandra Clare and Clary from Cassandra's Mortal instruments series and I am going to serve them little sandwiches and biscuits along with the tea.
Second question is: What book you think the author should write a prequel for and what would the story line be?
This is definitely a hard one but maybe the Precious stones trilogy because i want to know more about Gwen's life before she found out that she can travel back in time. Or maybe the Daughter of smoke and bone trilogy. I am not really sure.
Third one is: What two characters that are not from the same book would make a good couple?
I don't know. I really can't choose. Maybe Noah Shaw from the Mara Dyer trilogy and Cath from Fangirl because they both love to read and are very good people. I don't know, don't judge me!
Next one: If you ran to your favourite author on the subway and you can say only one sentence to them who is it and what would you say?
I think it'd be Rick Riordan and I'd thank him about all the adventures he took me to while i read his books.
Five: What was the book that made you a reader and why?
I'd probably pick a very obvious one, Harry Potter, but it was the series that made me love books. Also The Hunger Games.
Six: Your bookshelf's on fire. Which book'd you save?
What? I don't know. I love all my books! Maybe City of ashes because it's the only Mortal instruments book i own and i love this series so so much. But I can't really choose. Or it'd be Anna and the French kiss because it's the one book i can read every day on not get tired of.
Seven: Which dystopian world would you live in?
The Selection maybe now that America and Maxon are rulers and probably made their country a better one to live in then it was before? I don't know!
Eight: What's your most epic read of all time?
What are those questions? I can't choose one. But i have to, though sooooo Throne of glass maybe or The fifth wave.
Nine: Tag someone to do this.
I can not do that because i don't know any other bloggers. But if you are reading this and you want to do it, than go for it!:)
Ten: Do a book shimmy.
And i obviously can't do that. I am sorry this tag was made for youtube. Bu hey, whatever.
So that was it for today.
PS if you do this tag, please leave a comment so i could read your choices.