Saturday, 3 January 2015

Book talk #2- Anna and the French kiss- Stephanie Perkins

                                       SPOILER FREE REVIEW
Hi book maniacs!
Today we're discussing Anna and the French kiss by Stephanie Perkins. I though some contemporary would be good after my previous reviews. So if you're having a brake-up with a book, you want to get out of the fantasy world for a little bit, you don't know  what to read or you're just looking for a good romance novel full of fun and cuteness and adorableness, than that's the right book.
So let me fill ya in. Maybe many of you have read it and you probably know you can't get tired of that author's novels. They're just good. Even though some find this particular novel cheesy, let me tell you that IT'S NOT.
It's about this girl named Anna who is forced by her dad to go to school in Paris for her senior year. There she meets some great people who easily become her friends. And she falls in love with the boy that everybody likes and who's perfect.
But actually there's so much more to the story like how important friendship and family are and it's very accurate with the some real issues people deal with. And eventually you find yourself attached to all those characters and you start getting to know them and you feel them. Besides, the way the author writes and describes different situations and places, you feel like you're there which is actually very awesome.
So I highly recommend this to any of you who are looking for a fun and quick read which is not cheesy and involves some accurate issues.
So, that's it:)