Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Lola and the boy next door by Stephanie Perkins- book review

Hello there!
Today i am doing a review on Lola and the boy next door, again by Stephanie Perkins(not a surprise there).
That'd be a spoiler free review, so go on.
This books tells us the story of Lola, one super weird(but in a good way) girl. Like let's start with the fact that she wears wigs, strange clothes and wants to go dressed-up like Marie Antoinette to the ball. 
Basically the idea of the book is that she had a HUGE crush on that boy, but something bad happened and everything went down. Then, a year later she's hooked up with this...thing, named Max who's a member of a rock band, is tattooed and smokes. I think you got the idea. But then the first boy, named Cricket, comes back with his twin sister, they are the Bell twins, and everything changes.
Let me tell you that this book is not cheesy, neither stupid or anything. I mean i get the idea that the name of the book and the old covers(you know what i am talking about if you have seen them) gives the wrong impression, but still.
The story is so much more than some stupid teen romance. It shows us the importance of friendship, we get to see Anna and Ettiene from Anna and the french kiss and where else will you read about a girl that named her dog Heavens to Betsy?
So if you are looking for a fun and quick read that is still very interesting with some unique characters or you are in a reading slump, or you just don't know what to read, i recommend this novel. 
Good night!
PS the collage is from tumblr:)