Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Book review- Throne of glass by Sarah J. Maas

Hello, people!
Today we're gonna talk about some kick-ass assassin named Selena Sardothien.
Basically the book's about Selena training to be the king's assassin along with some other thieves, serial killers and assassins. But there's more, much more, because a love triangle is formed and there are creatures and magical stuff going on. I actually can't do a longer review without spoiling anything but if you've read this book, then you can continue reading, and if you haven't, then LEAVE!!!

So hello to all of you that have read and (hopefully) loved this book. First things first. I want to say that i am team Dorian and i don't think that'll change so leave in the comments below are you team Dorian or team Chaol:)
The thing going on with the king, i hate him, is really weird. It's so annoying that no one can use magic but him. And the way he acts with Dorian I personally find awful. I don't know, maybe kings have to act this way with their kids(especially sons?).
And there's the thing with that girl, oh i can't remember her name right now. But you know, the one that wanted to be Dorian's wife. I actually feel sorry for her because she just wanted happiness.
But anyway lets talk about Selena and how strong of a character she is. I really love her and her point of view was one of my favourites. For a protagonist she was very, how do i say it, clever maybe, i don't know. I mean most of the girl protagonist just act stupid through the whole book. But she doesn't. She goes there, kicks ass and  acts awesome.
So that was my incredibly boring review on Throne of glass. Tell me your opinion on the book down below. I still think no one's reading this blog but still. If anyone's reading this, pleaaaaaaase let me know.