Sunday, 25 January 2015

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I've just finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and it's just so GOOD I can't describe it properly. But now I'm going to try.
So first a quick non-spoilery review. This awesome book that I love so much basically tells us the story of Cath, a (fan)girl who writes fanfiction and it's very attached to it. So she's in college with her twin sister who wants some space and parties every night etc, and Cath has a roommate who is very mean to her and has like five different boyfriends. But this roommate turns out not that bad and her best (boy)friend ,who's hanging with her all the time, is falling for Cath. And there we have one great romance, fun story, very good characters that we can relate to and the story's really quick and good to read.
No, if you haven't read it LEAVE! NOW!
And hello to all of you who've read this unique book.
I want to say that I find the whole idea of it very good. Like, there's a character for anyone. And all the situations and Cath's problems and struggles are something you've dialed with or you're going to.
I really like Levi. He's the perfect boyfriend for a fangirl because he will listen and comfort you. And he's always cheerful and cute and funny. Besides I imagine him very attractive. But anyways, don't you agree?
Another thing I enjoyed was the relationship between Reagan and Cath. In the beggining they don't like each other very much but through the book they become very very good friends. I love their friendship honestly.
And there comes Wren. I like her. She's a very strong character. She's with Cath and even when they don't talk to each other it feels like she's with her still. And my favourite moment was in the bookstore when they cried together over the last book. Because it think that besides that this was the last Simon Snow book, it meant the end of all their fan fiction writing together and apart. I thought that they like felt sentimental over all the good moments they had.
I don't have any negative things to say. Let me know your opinion down below.
PS that pic was in tumblr