Thursday, 8 January 2015

Book talk #3- Obsidian by J. L. Armentrout

Hello book lovers!
Today we're discussing Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout.
So basically the story's about aliens who are living in our world after their planet exploded or something. And all of them are super hot. And Katy, the protagonist, moves to this town that's full of aliens and she becomes best friends with the girl next door, who's an alien too. And then there's her brother who is like extremely attractive and is a jerk but you know it's always like that so it's fine. Then a bunch of stuff happens and evil powers are included.
And that's all you have to know in general. But WARNING! if you don't have at least three hours to read don't start it because I couldn't put it down. And be prepared for a journey full of sassy-hot-fun-weird characters. Have I said sassy?
And now get out if you haven't read it. Get out!!!
First of all I wanted to ask am I the only one who thinks Katy acts super dumb in general. I mean I can totally relate to her but why does she stands there like a person without no brain wherever Daemon says something dumb? You can show him girl, do it! But why bother when she can just stare blankly until he's gone?
But I liked the spaghetti scene. Like now I can understand Ash but then I thought she totally deserved what she got.
Another thing I really enjoyed  is Katy and Dee's friendship. They can always trust one another, and even though Daemon is her brother, Dee will always be there for Katy.
And of course the book-nerdy thing going on. Can I say that this part amazed me. I mean not a lot of authors write how their protagonists are book geeks and write blogs and make vlogs. That was pretty awesome.
And last but not least- the relationship between Katy and Daemon. Now that's something to discuss. I honestly don't know what to say. I like them as a couple(very much though) but why do they need to play all along the book and then at the end Katy is  just like no, I'm not gonna be with you. Come on, he suggested to try, he said what he felt and she's like uhhh how bout no? Stupid! is what she is.
But anyway I reaaaly enjoyed this book and I'm reading the other one currently so yeah, look forward to a review on it:)